NIMA - Presentation

It is in the present that the future is built. Believing this stament and following the educational aspects aimed at transdisciplinary and multicultural with no linguistic barrier knowledge and also valuing multidimensional learning, the School of Medicine of Itajubá creates the Center for Internationalization and Academic Mobility ( in Portuguese Núcleo de Internacionalização e Mobilidade Acadêmica - NIMA). It was created an organized and dynamic structure to enable international experiences strengthening them for students and teachers. In this way, it is possible to bring our institution closer to the world scenario, with repercussions on the quality of the training of future professionals.





• To create student and teacher selection notices generating opportunities for international mobility;

• To act accordinly to the Research, Extension and Innovation Centers, strengthening joint internationalization actions, such as publication of scientific articles in international journals as well as participation in Congresses, among others;

• To formalize partnerships with international educational institutions.

In this sense, it is created the Internationalization Policy with the purpose of guiding, organizing and clarifying such actions in FMIT.





Since January 2015, FMIT has been developing a productive partnership with Universidad Santiago de Compostela - USC (Spain), taking 4th year students for a 15-day experience with activities divided between the Laboratory of Clinical Immunology and follow-up of care in internal medicine, both in the Universitario Hospital ( School hospital).

In January 2019, the Afya group joined the U. Experience Consortium, which includes 20 educational institutions in Brazil and 25 other international institutions. This partnership expands internationalization actions and allows greater dynamism in the exchange of experiences of students , teachers and managers with other educational institutions, enabling exchanges, courses, events, internships (paid or not). In addition, through the Consortium it will be more feasible to implement agreements with foreign institutions.





International Academic Mobility:


International Extracurricular Internship:

Internship Students (Palliative Care) in 2015: 2 - Hospital Udaondo (Argentina)

Number of students awarded in 2015: 7 - USC (Spain)

Number of students awarded in 2018: 4 - USC (Spain)

Number of students awarded in 2019: 4 - USC (Spain)


FMIT teachers as international visitors:

In 2015: 1 / Professor Marileia Chaves Andrade (post-doctorate) at USC, Spain (12 months)

In 2018: 1 / Professor Rodolfo Souza Faria - Cavendish School in Bournemouth, England (3 months)

Number of students awarded in 2017: 5 - USC (Spain)